It’s been a great privilege and a pleasure being part of GLP2019. Thanks once again to our amiable organizers for the insightful and impacting seminar sessions. We want to say that we are pushed and empowered to do better. We are grateful also for the opportunity to expand our scope and base! Thanks to everyone here and to our beloved team members too. It’s great meeting and connecting with great minds! *team bravery*

Wellington Israel, GLP Fellow 2019

GLP has been a wonderful platform to showcase my potential and helped me meet people of like minds and this has spurred me on to do greater things. GLP is an amazing network of change makers. —Benedicta Uweru, GLP2018 Fellow

GLP class 2019 has been  of great impact and I boldly say I am not the same as before, my perspective has been restructured towards some issues and I am fully ready to be out there and make impact.– Danlami Godswill, GLP Fellow 2019

I never knew I could explore more on teenagers until I joined GLP. It definitely is a place to discover purpose and follow clarity. GLP really made me push further from just blogging to talking which was as a result of the community project I embarked on. Thank you, GLP. It’s really an insightful place to be.– Victoria Fakiya, GLP2018 Fellow

This programme came at an opportuned time. I had suicidal thoughts before then. I had given up on Nigeria ever being great but with the reorientation here, I can boldly say I am a changed person. The splendour of yesterday has been born again. Thanks to GLP.– Amarachi Obidiaju


I joined the GLP 2018 track at a time when I was at rock bottom. I had finished my service a while back and was rudderless and uncertain about the future. The 1st thing the fellowship did for me was provide purpose, I had being selected alongside several other exceptional young Nigerians and placed in an environment tailored for personal development. In 6 weeks I experienced explosion of knowledge in personal finance, goal setting and visioning, I had to learn to curtail my fierce individuality and work as part of a team on a group task that provided valuable lessons in team dynamics. Afterwards I was assigned to a mentor who helped with my development with relentless guidance. In the almost 1 year since the fellowship, I have experienced exponential progress, and remain  immensely grateful as well as a proud GLP fellow.– Paul Oshunkeye, GLP2018 Fellow.

If you see how reluctantly I registered for this GLP on Twitter, you will never believe I would have learnt this much.

One thing I know is that everything is divine.

I have learnt  a lot In a short time. I can say that my level of information has doubled in the past few weeks. GLP is God’s idea for preparing His people for a perfect leadership of this country. A special thanks to General, Ceeroh and all our facilitators. God will bless and reward all your efforts.– Benson Success, GLP Fellow 2019

I want to say a big thank you to minds and heart behind GLP, to all the facilitators that took out time to take us to a new world of ideas, I say a big thank you and may God bless u all.

I have learnt so much that I am confident I will be able to give so much out there.– Osagie, GLP Fellow 2019

My life changed drastically the moment I encountered GLP. A little story on this. That fateful day in class checking my TL on Twitter, I saw this opportunity, read the info and said since it’s done online I can benefit from this. I registered and miraculously I was shortlisted. It seems a child’s play but the lessons, training, experiences from mentors within and outside the country encouraged and pushed me. If I never learned anything from GLP, the courage to chew books, to volunteer, to live a life of integrity squarely I learned this and today, my life as a leader is shaping and sharpening. 2 weeks training awoke the sleeping giant in me to take up responsibilities. I am happy to be a GLP Fellow.– Emmanuel ANENE, GLP Fellow